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The VIP assesment Tool is invaluable when measuring the current readiness and quality of services your business provides and its potential for the growing diverse real estate Market.

The assessment is designed to help you look at your business from a S.M.A.R.T perspective:

Each category (6) is broken down into specific elements of business for which you must rate your effectiveness and readiness to serve your diverse Market.


S –Specific Systems
In this section you will analyze the specific systems and resources in place within your company and their contribution towards building a balanced, and diverse business  infrastructure capable of servicing diverse markets.

M –Measurable Marketing and Promotion
In this section you will evaluate your company’s potential for success when compiling, analyzing, and interpreting market data, your marketing strategy and your promotional campaigns

A –Attraction
In this section you will rate your company’s magnetism, perceived value  and position to catch the attention of qualified, bilingual professionals and the effectiveness of your current marketing practices to attract consumers

R –Recruiting, Retention and Retirement:
In this section you will rate your 3 “R”S. (1) Your recruiting strategy, (2) your retention ability and (3) your retirement proposition for you and your sales associates.

T –Training & Coaching:
In this section you rate your sales training, coaching systems and accountability, as well their delivery and impact in helping your sales force outperform the competition.

Taking the assessment

• After reading each assessment statement, deiced if your current business practice in this area is poor, in need of improvement, average, good or outstanding.
• Points will be assessed to each response with value from 1 to 5: 1 point awarded for a “Poor” rating, and 5 points for “outstanding”.
• After completing the assessment you will receive a cumulative score as well as a clear picture of your Latino Division’s overall performance.

The assessment will help you to identify areas with potential for improvement. Once completed, feel free to call and schedule a free coaching call to help  you with tips for success.
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